Here, you'll find all you want to know about my work, my hatred of quiche, Sunday roasts and sweaty judo mats. You will also find my love for the written word, northwestern Ireland (I'm a country boy at heart - Cornwall does me just fine while I'm on the big island!), Ramen noodles entwined about black pudding cubes, and... did I mention a damned fine mystery?

For those of you who've just stumbled into my lair here, I'm the happy fellow who wrote Souls of the Southern Stars. Find it on Amazon, but be quick! The original 2000 release will become a curio once its re-released version appears. Featured many times online (The Breaking of the Black Seal, The Peace Switch, and And you Get Three Wishes to name some of my e-published short stories), I've seen print on several occasions, too. The first was in 1981; weren't those the days. Have fun and remember: horror stories don't scare people. People scare themselves...Covenant of Aries out 13th April

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