Photograph of the author Johnny S. GeddesI can't help feeling self-conscious when talking about myself. Still, I’ve always loved having a good scare… well, from a safe distance! In all probability, aversions to such items as football pitches and the reception area in official buildings, which I acquired in my formative years (and both of which I can see from my window), have also played their part.

Perhaps years of watching horror films in my room late at night began to pay off when my writings were published in school magazines in the 1980s. My boyhood spent in the U.K. doubtless contributed greatly to the kaleidoscope of experiences from which I was to draw inspiration.

By the time I started university, I was dead set on writing. The next few years found me turning out some of my most inspired but unpolished and raw short stories. I may even be tempted to try and polish some of them for presentation in a future anthology!

After earning my B.A. and taking a year out in Australia, I felt ready to switch to writing novels. Souls of the Southern Stars was written in fourteen months and it appeared in the summer of 2000. Mentioned in the New York Times, my work became a hit with Goths in New England. A critic called me 'a writer of great potential' and by the end of the year I had attracted a contract that was to hunt for a movie deal for Souls.

I continued with my writing. Between working on my second and third novels (Covenant of Aries and The Hell Eaters), some non-fiction, and some non-horror work (check me out in issue 66 of Sherlock magazine), I returned to writing short stories and gained an international award in late 2004 (see the link). Looking back one day, I realised I had to abstract the best few stories from the numerous ones I'd penned. This, my second release, is entitled Séances with the Living.

Which brings me to the present day… Well, when not writing, I'm editing and proofreading the work of others. I live with my wife, several cats and a very peculiar ceramic address plate. I'll say that words are my passion, my second love and my weapon of choice. With the exceptions of Quiche Lorraine and tasteless Sunday gravy, I believe that words are the most powerful and the scariest weapons ever invented!

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