Souls of the Southern Stars (Vantage, 2000/re-rel. Double Bay, 2006).

Ed Williams has had enough. He's lost his wife, his IT job and his ability to sleep. He knows he must drive south to learn why his mind is quaking with the hum of a hundred voices. He does not know that he's the latest inheritor of the souls of Civil War cavalrymen ambushed en route to a fort in New Mexico and which were freed from the cursed earth by a road repair gang. Nor does Ed know that the closer he gets to Tucumcari, New Mexico, the more energy the mummified remains of the cavalrymen will receive as their lost spirits demand the bodies rise up to kill. And kill. And kill…

Séances with the Living (Double Bay, 2006)

Roll up! Roll up! Come and meet the man who traded his identity to survive a fall of 35,000 feet… The woman who found that the abandoned house she used to watch her ex-lover get back together with his wife has some deadly secrets of its own… The shopping catalogue seller who twists people's wants in order to collect the wanters… The Nazi war-criminal who left a nightmare inheritance locked in a vault… The credit card company that wants you to pay in other ways… The psychic vampire that uses history to trap its victims' minds… The clubber who finds his dream vacation island is actually a living ancient evil… The plane mechanic-discoverer of a way to live at ten times the speed who's intent on a terrifying revenge… They're all in here. Are you ready to hear them?

Covenant of Aries (Double Bay, April 2012)

When a mysterious substance starts jamming communications and a string of catastrophes bring the world to the brink, many thought it could get no worse. Some believed that God could not let people endure a fate so cruel, so terrifying. They were all wrong. Because what's coming at Mankind from a brightening star in the constellation Aries is not his God, it's the opposite. Worse, these are demons from an ancient civilisation known only to a select few. And one of those few has summoned them with a blood sacrifice. Somehow, amid a collapsing society, three men and a woman must aim past the fuzz of confusion to strike at the heart of the very things that are feeding off the terror of a planet in order to grow stronger. But can they do it before the first demon lands to reclaim its Dread Empire on Earth?

The Hell Eaters (Double Bay, December 2012)

Writer Bruce Carver arrives in Horst Valley to try and 'reconnect' with the basics in life in small town Minnesota. In the same Welsh town where Bruce had finished his previous novel, people are suddenly talking about the 'Black Summer', a time over a century before when the young vanished and the elderly died in droves. Bruce did not know that the scenic Gate Lodge where he had been writing was once the home of a devil-worshipping nobleman or that by writing on the estate, Bruce had reanimated an ancient Dark force. Only when a young Welshwoman travels to tell him of the destruction in her home town does Bruce start to make the awful connection. But what of the other link? The strange French company that has just bought the quarry near Horst Valley seem to have employed a silent workforce more intent on guarding than quarrying…

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